Sunday, October 26, 2008

Easy psychology

Do not come to Rhodes University to study psychology. This department does not, in my opinion, know what it is doing. Our tutorials are optional and unstructured. 300 students in one venue hoping to learn something from a tutorial, I think that’s more funny than constructive. Their excuse is that their department does not have enough funds to pay tutors. Yet I have paid my fees in full; something just does not add up.
If you’re in need of an easy credit and are thinking of picking up psychology 101 next year then I beg you to consider a few points. Besides t his department not being sure of what there are doing, they think this subject is part of the sciences so they make you study the brain. If the brain gave you as much grief as it gave me in high school then perhaps you should reconsider.
Come to think of it, perhaps this is the perfect “easy credit” subject. If you can suffer through the section on your brain and its behaviour as well as the disorder in this department then all the other courses are pretty bearable. If you’re rather good at multiple guessing I mean, choice, then the class tests will be set for you! The only problem is that if you do not continue your degree at Rhodes, apparently other universities do not credit Rhodes University’s psychology 101 and 102. I wonder why?

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