Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where are the Christians at Rhodes?

A few weeks ago I attended the closing of the Christians@Rhodes week. I was unable to attend the whole week but I made it a point to attend the worship session which took place on a Friday. The worship was amazing. People arrived in their numbers and I was a little shocked at how many Christians there are on campus. There were plenty! This not only shocked me, it nearly brought me to tears. We’re the body of Christ, called to be a light to the world and how effective have we been on campus this year? What are we doing to advance the Kingdom of God?

Ghandi seemed to have some insight when he said, “If Christians lived according to their faith, there would be no more Hindus left in India.” Those words pierce me when I look at Christians on campus, and even when I look into the mirror. I’m part of that non unified body of Christ and not every area of my life is evidence of the might work of God.

I’m praying that the vision of Christians@ Rhodes would be carried out with more dedication and determination. We’re so many, and once we allow God to unify us and we start stepping out and living Matthew 28, I see a mighty work of God happening on campus and spilling over into other universities.

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