Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's not Rhodes, it's you!

In response to HippyChicks opinion on Rhodes University being conducive to substance abuse, this is what I had to say:

Dear HippyChick,

Your argument is all over the place. You seem to blame Rhodes University for people’s inability to properly deal with a bad test and yet you blame the individual for choosing to go on an alcohol binge? At the end of it I wonder if you actually thought your opinion through. How can you blame Rhodes University and say it’s basically conducive to the alcoholic lifestyle? That statement is true of many institutions. I’ve been to other universities and know enough drunks from those establishments to dare say that our 1000 or so near alcoholics at Rhodes are nothing in comparison to the 4000 or so drunkards at the University of Johannesburg. And drugs; welcome to the world dear! Drugs are available anywhere. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s comforting to know that your dealer is in your Psychology 102 lecture, but you just need to know a user to understand that close proximity with your dealer means a quicker access to your next fix. Again, you can be anywhere in the world and your dealer could be your friendly neighbour three houses down, which is a problem my town had to face way back in Johannesburg. Think it through.

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