Thursday, October 9, 2008

Laughing in the rain

I had a good laugh this week. Yesterday it rained and people went running to their next lectures afraid of getting soaked. Their lives didn't seem too disrupted and my fun didn't begin until the hail came out. It wasn't serious hail that makes you think "O my goodness, the windows might break", but people's faces became seriously funny. Suddenly, effortless running turned into fearful faces and running feet. It looked a lot like expressions you see on people's faces in our journalism lectures when they're hoping that Alete is not picking on them.

Today was also a day for great laughter; it poured for like 5 minutes but the expressions on people's face had me laughing for a long time. I understand that a girl, her relaxed hair and rain don not go well together but it's that very girl who will have you laughing for ages as she tries to figure out if she should protect her hair or keep her books from getting wet. If she doesn't have an umbrella, I think she'll have one by tomorrow.

My advice to you is simple: carry an umbrella, bring your sense of humour and pray for rain; it's going to be a funny day, make sure you're the one laughing!

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