Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Response to Homosexuality

In response to a post called Homosexuality at Rhodes, I admire the author for raising such a controversial issue and voicing his opinion. However, there is one claim which I find seriously flawed. That is that gays or lesbians coerce innocent bystanders into their alternative lives. In the words of the author “innocent people become victims”. This claim is completely ungrounded and quite frankly unreasonable. How can an individual that is capable of reason and vulnerable to any form of sentience be coerced into a situation that is unfavourable to the person, or so-called victim? The person can at any time withdraw from the relationship or dealings with the homosexual. He or she has that choice and capability. The author makes it sound as if the ‘victim’ has no control over him-herself and cannot be held accountable for his own actions. If this is truly the opinion of the author then he clearly has not done his research properly for had he but interviewed one individual that was supposed to have coerced the ‘victim’ he would understand that it is not a matter of coercion but of choice from both sides.

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