Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spoiled for choice

I’ve just slammed my finger between a door and it’s frame in one of Rhodes’ doggiest toilets and I feel sick from all the sweet stuff I gotten in the space of 3 days.

Throbbing finger, aching tummy, tired brain, I keep typing with only myself to blame and a question in my mind. What is in sweet stuff that makes a person keep coming back for more? How come the portion of food is not equivalent to the kilojoules it contains? How come I feel so sick? How come the last week of lectures and tutorials is an excuse for people to give out sweet stuff? Why do I feel like the cookie monster that just needs a day off? Why am I still blogging when I really should be doing my assignment?

I’m in the last week of my first year and I still don’t have the answer. I have an assignment I should have started a long time ago and I needed to have finished it by now. It’s 11.21 and here I sit 3 hours since I determined to start and finish my assignment before midnight. At the moment, I figure, why not do what I’d rather be doing and that’s blogging?

I’d like to dispel a myth, starting an assignment does not render it closer to finished. I’ve completed one page and I have two pages to go and I feel like I’ve said everything that can be said. Perhaps the problem here is that blogging is free writing and my ling assignment is thinking. There really is no choice here as I type the last few words and decide that sleep is less effort than both.

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