Friday, October 24, 2008

To my University

Dear Rhodes,

You have been the victim of so much hate. People in Johannesburg sit at the breakfast table over Jack Daniels and beer and accuse you of being the drinking capital. I don’t think that‘s right or fair at all.

I almost didn’t come because I thought you would turn me in to a partying alcoholic, but that has not been the case. I’m happy to say that during our time together this year, I’ve learned how to be myself and simply say no. Yes, sometimes people made me feel like I was less of a person because I don’t want to have guys feel me up and breathe in secondary smoke at the clubs or bars that your surrounding town has to offer. I’ve learned to look passed those people and focus on the degree I came to get from you.

Next year it is my mission and my mandate to show first years that they are better people for choosing to stay indoors and do something they’ll enjoy and remember the next day. Serving on house committee is going to be fun and I promise to help those who’ll need the help as they enter the scary world of university.

You were right when you said that this is where leaders come to learn and I’m learning to lead the best I can by only exposing myself to that which will help me become a better graduate and a better person to lead others into their destiny as I walk in to mine.

Here’s to more memories,
Refilwe M

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