Thursday, October 16, 2008


Candy said...

Hey Guys

Good job, I really liked your comic. It took me a while to figure out that the Prada girl and her boyfriend were actually in the play, but I thought it was really clever how you incorporated the mugging into the production. You made good use of Propp’s stock characters and it was very creative how you used a current issue on campus in your comic effectively. The villains could have looked a bit more menacing and the victim a bit more frightened while the mugging was taking place, but otherwise the acting wasn’t bad. By the way, I loved the, “this is worse than a Journ lecture” comment, very amusing.

Take care,

Kganya said...

This is a serious but yet humourous comic.I thought it was a excellently planned idea to take a story that had really occured and turn it into your own. It touches on reality but at the same time does not get too personal. I love how they used CPU to be the hero but yet it all looked like an act in front of the audiences eyes. Quinn used brilliant colours to put that particular capturing effect on this photo comic. I would have made all the muggers black but hey this is the new South Africa so congradulations on a great, entertaining blog.