Sunday, October 26, 2008

Major dissapointment

It’s the end of the year and I’m already thinking about my subject choices next year. I’ve taken four subjects this year and I’m not sure all of them are worth taking next year.
Thinking about sociology, at the beginning of the year I seriously thought I would take this subject as a major. The first two terms were phenomenal. The first term dealt with an introduction to the study of society and the history of sociology. This is all interesting and one begins to look at society with a new understanding.

The second term dealt with social inequalities and although this term required a lot of reading, the lecturer knew what he was talking about and that sets you in the right direction.

The third term presented the greatest difficulty. Deviance was the module and deviant was the lecturer. If you hear that Babalawa Sishutu is lecturing Sociology 1 then I recommend you give this subject a pass in 2009. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe she’s a good lecturer but for this course, she was pushing her own agenda and so one stood a small chance at passing her course. If you knew what her agenda was and you could articulate it in an essay, then and only then were you on your way to passing her course.

The fourth term was fine, really nothing to blog about. All I know is that If Rhodes had ten students and I had to award this subject with some, I’d give it 5 long suffering students. Not too good for a course that could have been my major.

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