Monday, October 6, 2008

University and the peg...

It's funny how my life can now be compared to the two pegs that I own. I did previously own over possibly 30 pegs (student budget affects even this) and I probably still do but, all I can find right now are two of 30 pegs.Because I was unable to go to my second lecture, I washed my shirts and had to hang them to dry outside one shirt at a time. This is of course a slow and painful process. I'm lucky it was a windy day but the fact remains it was a tedious task. Needless to say, at the back of my mind I'm was budgeting for more pegs.

Now, university life is much like my two peg saga. You have several assignments to do and you previously had a month to do them (if you're keeping up, that's about 30 days). Suddenly, you have two days to get everything done and you have to suddenly prioritise, one assignment at a time. At the back of your mind you're promising yourself you'll budget more time for the next batch of assignments.

My shirts dried, my work is done. There's a new batch of assignments and new batch of dirty clothes. There's no budget for one or the other and someone asks me why?

The answer to my washing woes and assignment drama is simple; it's Rhodes University honey, it's chilled!

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