Friday, October 24, 2008

Good bye Jac labs!

I hereby declare the Jacaranda labs as useless! Seven minutes before deadline and I watched the minutes go by as the computer refused to open my documents and three minutes before deadline it tells me the printer is not responding.
Not responding?! I pay R50 000 for a printer not to respond? Obviously I’m upset. Very upset! What I don’t understand is why I have come to these labs three days in a row and all three days, the printers have had some sort of drama. The day before yesterday, all the black and white printers were out of ink and flashing that red light. Yesterday it was printing blanks or just strange numbers, wasting about three reams of paper while I was here and today the printer does not respond.

I know we were told from orientation week never to put off our assignments till the last minute and I most certainly have not. I had seven minutes. The Linguistics Department is adjacent to this building so I knew I had time. Yet, these machines though to teach me a lesson. It’s the last day of my first year lectures and assignment submissions and now I’m meant to learn the lesson? Ha!

I’ve laughed in the face of danger all year, making it to deadlines just in time. Granted, today I actually had to run because I was on the verge of missing my deadline, but today was not a good day for a laugh.

Let’s just say I made it just in time and now I ‘m watching my back. Next year it’s me, the machines in another lab and early submissions. Good bye Jacaranda labs.

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